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It was nice while it lasted

Women to whom everything becomes - to chide, to laugh, to weep

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You have to admit you're curious. We would be if we were poring through the archives of livejournal, mind drifting in and out of despondency with journal after journal of spirit crushing teen angst when all you want is to find one good friend who makes for an interesting read... And then you happen upon a community which gives no clue for what it is about. Just three beautiful and talented girls as members. And those mysterious initials that just beg deciphering.

Let's be honest with you - you probably aren't going to get added. It's such a great shame because you'd probably really like it here but we promise you'll get over it soon. I guess if you were that curious you could even try commenting and we'll think about it. But don't hold your breath.

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Andy Warhol - The Three Sisters
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