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the kitty-cat bird

The Kitty-Cat Bird by Theodore Roethke

The Kitty-Cat Bird, he sat on a Fence
Said the Wren, your Song isn't worth ten pence
You're a Fake, you're a Fraud, you're a Hor-rid Pretense!
-Said the Wren to the Kitty-Cat Bird.
You've too many Tunes, and none of them Good:
I wish you would act like a bird really should,
Or stay by yourself down deep in the wood
-Said the Wren to the Kitty-Cat Bird.

You mew like a Cat, you grate like a Jay:
You squeak like a Mouse that's lost in the Hay,
I wouldn't be You for even a day
-Said the Wren to the Kitty-Cat Bird

The Kitty-Cat Bird, he moped and he cried.
Then a real cat came with a Mouth so Wide,
That the Kitty-Cat Bird just hopped inside;
"At last I'm myself!"-and he up and died
-Did the Kitty- the Kitty-Cat Bird.

You'd better not laugh; and don't say, "Pooh!"
Until you have thought this Sad Tale through:
Be sure that whatever you are is you
-Or you'll end like the Kitty-Cat Bird.

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